The Manchester United star assigns 10 lawyers to sue an Egyptian student… What is the story?

In a quick turn of events, Manchester United international star Marcus Rashford sent 10 lawyers at once to defend him in his case against an Egyptian student. The incident dates back to Rashford’s filing a case against an Egyptian student for allegedly directing racist abuse to him on social media last March. Sayed Salama, the lawyer for the Egyptian student, confirmed in televised statements that the Manchester United striker decided to proceed with the prosecution of his client. Sayed Salama said: “The issue is really real. Rashford has sued an Egyptian student, for insulting him on social media.” He added, “At first, I did not believe what the student was saying that the English player is doing such a thing.” The lawyer continued: “The case was postponed due to the length of the pleading, as the case was in the Abu Hammad Al Sharqiya Center, but it was transferred to the Mansoura Court, to decide on it, due to the failure to complete the rest of the documents from the other English party.” And he added: “The technical examination committee examined the Egyptian student’s account (on social networking sites) and did not find any messages on it that were sent to the player.” In the same context, Egyptian media published an explanation for this, revealing that Manchester United had directed the companies that sponsor the accounts of its players to report any message that may appear as an insult to them or carry any racist words in response to the wave of offensive phrases and racist criticism. Which reached the families of the players and their wives during the past season. She pointed out that these companies were the ones who filed the lawsuit against the Egyptian student, not the player himself. Source: agencies

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